A Letter To My Younger Self - Positively Jessica Ward

A Letter To My Younger Self - Positively Jessica Ward

A few months ago we came across Positively Jessica Wards blog, and found her blog posts so insightful and very relatable! We reached out to the lovely Jess, and she has written a letter to her younger self. Jess' letter is something that we're sure many of our audience will be able to relate to, and certainly give them something to think about. Enjoy!

If you could look back and speak to your younger self, is there anything you would tell him/her? Are there things you wish you could reassure your younger self about?

I know for me, If I could have the option to speak to my younger self… I would. I would jump at the opportunity and reassure her that everything will work out in the end and stop worrying.

The lovely team at Not Just A Pretty Face have asked me to write a short letter to my younger self. Maybe this will help me put the last few years into perspective and it’ll be a lovely reflective activity to participate in. Maybe you can do the same! Writing a letter to your younger self can be reassuring – even now. Looking back is always a great thing to do to see how far you’ve come.

To put things into perspective; I’m 25, I’m a Content Lead working at a digital agency in the North West of England and I’m also a Mental Health Awareness Blogger. I live in the seaside town of Cleveleys and I’m loving life with my little dog. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows but I’m grateful for every day I have on this planet and that’s enough.

I’m going to keep it short. But I wish I could speak to my 20-year-old self who was experiencing true heartbreak for the first time. It was unbearable and it adjusted everything in my life… But I’m grateful for everything I experience as it’s got me to where I am today.

A Letter To My Younger Self

Oh Jess, if only you could see how bright your future is. If only you could see all the people who’ll love you. I know it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now but I promise you, it will shine soon. Your first step is by switching the light on yourself – through dedication, determination and changing your mindset.

As you enter your 20’s you’ll graduate with your degree with a FIRST but you will experience heartbreak at the same time. This heartbreak will be from your first love and it will tear you apart but WOW, it’ll make you 10x stronger.

You will struggle with your relationship with food and you’ll also become obsessed with the gym, but it’s ok, you don’t know anything else and this is how you cope. However, you’ll seek professional help and then you’ll truly begin to heal. You don’t need to change for anyone – you’re perfect the way you are. You should look after your body, not starve it from what it craves and needs.

Food is fuel, it’s to be enjoyed and the gym isn’t the be-all and end-all of exercise. If you don’t make time for your wellness, you’ll be forced to take time for illness. You’re a female, you have incredible organs – please be gentle and look after them.

You’ll travel a little and you’ll truly learn how to be on your own. Learning to love yourself on your own will create an incredible foundation for your future and it’ll strengthen your mindset for the long term. Although you might feel lost and lonely during your early twenties – it’ll all work out. In fact, everything you’re doing at this moment is preparing you for the greatest life you deserve.

You’ll move to London (city girl life!) and then you’ll move back to the North. You’ll speak to your 91-year old Nanna over and over and learn from her mistakes. You’ll become an auntie THREE TIMES over and your responsibilities will change. You’ll learn how to drive, fail, learn and persevere. You’ll feel confused along the way but hold on and don’t let go. Great things take time.

You’ll date, laugh and have a great time. You’ll feel confused about ‘being in love’ but one thing you’ll learn is to never lower your standards. You will laugh so much your stomach will hurt and you’ll meet some incredible friends – who love you for who you are.

As you reach 25, you will experience heartbreak again (sorry…) but remember, all of these experiences you go through are teaching you valuable lessons about life. The sooner you learn them now, the more equipped you are for the future. You’ll land yourself an incredible job, you’ll buy a puppy and you’ll focus so hard on yourself that you’ll feel unstoppable.

Who knows what the future holds but there’s one thing for sure – you’ll only become stronger – mentally and physically. Jess, stand proud, stay focused and don’t let the actions of others knock you off your path – you’re going places. Don’t give up and stop worrying. Worrying puts you through something twice so just have a little faith that it will all work out.


What a crazy few years it’s been! Non-stop, exciting, sad and a whole host of mixed emotions. It’s flown by but has also been a real challenge at times. I’m so grateful for the journey and I’m excited to see where I’ll be going in the future.

This week, have a think about what you would tell your younger self. Would you tell them to ease the slack and stop worrying? Maybe you need to take note for the future too.

If you’re reading this, you’re exactly where you need to be right now and you’re going to be ok… I promise. Just when it feels like everything is falling apart, it actually means it’s falling together – just be patient.

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Sending love and good vibes always,

Jessica xx


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Jessica Ward

Positively Jessica Ward



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