The Top Essentials You Need In Your Gym Bag

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You have a beautifully stylish big gym bag with lots of compartments to fill and we do fill those compartments, but are they filled with the essential items that you should have in your gym bag. 


The correct training clothing and footwear:

Ladies, research has shown that the more confident and stylish you feel the more motivated you will feel to workout. One of my mantras especially when I go to a race (running), is 'look good, run well'. Along with feeling good in your kit it is important that your clothing is appropriate for the exercise you are going to do. 

  • Weight training:¬†matching top and leggings are always great with a good gym trainer, if you are serious about weight training you can buy a specific weight lifting trainers.¬†
  • Cardio equipment/run/spin class/HIIT: during these workouts you are more than likely going to glow and sparkle like the Queen you are (sweat), it is important that you wear sweat wicking fabric clothing leggings/ ¬ĺ lengths or shorts with matching vest or plain vest or t-shirt.¬† If you are going for run from the gym and then using the gym for strength training, have a spare top to change into after your run to prevent becoming cold if you have perspired a lot on your run. Invest in a cushioned pair of trainers for cardio workouts or if you are running. I recommend going into a running shop and find the best type of running shoe for your feet and style of running, and remember to change running trainers every 400-500 miles.¬†
  • Yoga:¬†leggings and a loose vest or t-shirt work well to allow free flowing movement, take a long sleeved warm top and a pair of nice socks to pop on for the relaxation at the end of the class.¬†


Resistance Bands: 

These are a fantastic portable piece of equipment which can be used for a dynamic warm up if you can’t get on a piece of equipment in the gym or if your working away from home and have to train in a hotel room, you can do a full body workout using resistance bands. Check out the resistance band kit bag on 



Listening to your favourite music whilst you train can give you the extra motivation you may require after a long day. It can also distract from the training or any negative thoughts of the day allowing you to switch off and focus on your workout. 


Bottles of water:

It is important to start your exercise hydrated. If you go into exercise dehydrated your core temperature will rise quicker and your heart will have to work harder, this will affect your performance and in some cases can cause heat stroke. During your exercise session take small sips of water to keep hydrated, if you become dehydrated it will affect your energy levels and affect how hard you can exercise. Once you have finished your training session continue to keep taking sips of water, this will replace any fluids lost and help muscles repair.


Energy Drinks: 

You only really need energy drinks if you are going to be doing cardio exercise or high intensity exercise for more than 60 minutes, the body will have enough glycogen up until this point, but after you will need to be taking on energy drinks or gels to replace glycogen lost and allow the body to continue to exercise without affecting performance. I recommend TORQ Fitness products both there energy drinks and gels are all natural with not additives or sweetners if you would like a discount code please send me a message.  


Pre and Post Training Snack: 

As well as been hydrated for your workout it is also important you are fuelled for your session. After a long day at work, with lunch at 1pm and hitting the gym or a run at 6 or 7pm, you are going to require a small snack around 4 or 5pm to ensure your energy levels are restored ready to train. After training you need to replace the glycogen lost, combined with protein to help the muscles and tissues repair ready for your next training session. 

Portable Pre Training Snack ideas 

  • Banana¬†
  • Rice Cake and Peanut Butter¬†
  • Nakd Bar/Energy Bar - TORQ¬†fitness¬†¬†
  • Apple and a handful of nuts¬†
  • Vegetable sticks and hummus¬†¬†
  • Yoghurt with added fruit, ie berries¬†¬†
  • Homemade energy balls¬†

Portable Post Workout Snack Ideas 

  • Recovery Shake¬†¬†
  • Recovery Bars¬†
  • Shake made from oatmeal, whey or vegan protein banana and almonds¬†
  • Smoothie made with berries and protein powder¬†
  • Crackers/rice cake with peanut butter¬†
  • Yoghurt (Greek/vegan Greek) and berries¬†¬†


Change of clothing:

For after you have trained and showered have a comfortable set of clothing to get changed into. This will help you relax and the body start repairing from the session you have just completed.



Don’t forget to pack your deodorant, spare hair bobbles, your favourite shower gel aim for a luxury muscle relaxing one and your cleanser, toner, moisturiser and make removing wipes. It is just as important to look after your skin as it is your body. 


Enjoy packing your gym bag for your next session and keep enjoying the process of each training session taking you one step further to your dream goals. 


Authored by:

Bridie Darcy

Personal Trainer & Gym Studio Owner

Darcy Fitness 

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