Ladies Who Squat: Everything You Need To Know

Ladies, are you squatting? If you aren't, give it a go! Check out our blog on why we think you should be squatting. 

Squatting is a great compound exercise to work your muscles, but alongside this, there are plenty of other benefits! Through squatting, almost every muscle in your lower body is exercised, including some muscles in your core and upper body. They’re a great movement to improve your strength, and for toning your legs and booty!


We’ve made a list of benefits on why you should be squatting!

  • Squatting tones your body

Squatting regularly helps to tone your body, in particular your legs and booty! BUT, your whole body actually benefits from squatting. The squatting movement helps to release hormones that are key in aiding tissue growth throughout your entire body. 


  • Improvements in your balance and posture

Squatting regularly helps to build and strengthen your back muscles, aiding to correct posture and imbalances in your body. Some may also find that pressure on your back is relieved through squatting, and muscle tissue is protected!


  • It's a convenient exercise!

You don't need a monthly gym membership to access expensive gym equipment to squat! Anyone can squat anywhere at anytime! You don't have to pile on the weights when you squat, bodyweight squats are equally as beneficial!


  • Squatting helps your circulation

Through regularly squatting, you're stretching your body which helps to improve circulation by increasing blood flow! The increase in blood pumping around your body increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen getting to vital muscles and organs in your body. 


  • Improvements in your digestive system

The muscular movement of squatting helps to push fluids through your body, aiding to eliminate wastes and toxins! The process of this contributes in improving systems in your body, and in particular, your digestive system!


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