Top Tips On How To Love Yourself

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Learning to love yourself is a journey that can be emotional and difficult but when you begin to love yourself you will realise that difficult journeys lead to beautiful destinations you begin to have the life you desire, you have love around you, respect, health, less pain, peace and happiness.
I have been there and will talk more in following posts but I have been in that dark place where I didn’t love myself or much about me.
Here are some of my top tips to love yourself:
💕 Begin each day with a gratitude list, write 3 things you are grateful for
💕End each day with 3 positives about the day and yourself
💕Focus on your strengths, accept your weaknesses and work on changing them to your strengths!
💕Accept the mistakes you have made, don’t beat yourself up any longer, learn from your mistakes to grow and have the life you desire and the love for yourself
💕Nourish your body and soul with delicious, fresh, healthy food
💕Exercise and choose ones you love. Enjoy each moment and love the achievements
💕Forgive the past and live in the present
💕Surround yourself with people who support you, make you feel good and love you for who you are, don’t let anyone change you! Remove toxic people from your life
💕Set boundaries and say no when you need to. This is respecting yourself and will allow others to know your boundaries
💕Don’t let anyone change you! The right people will love you for who you are and respect your core values
💕Meditate daily to love everything about you, and be present in the here and now
💕Practice self care - eat hydrate sleep, get your hair, nails, facial, massages, spa days, it's not high maintenance, it's looking after yourself!
💕You are THE most important! Loving and taking care of yourself first will allow you to find who you are. Allowing you to have the best relationship with yourself then allows your other relationships to blossom. Your life changes in all areas and you begin to have the life you desire

💕Much love and hugs to you all and anyone struggling. Stay strong and know you're wonderful!


Authored by:

Bridie Darcy

Personal Trainer & Gym Studio Owner

Darcy Fitness 

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