New Year New Training Ideas

New Year New Training Ideas

Need inspiration for a New Year's activity? Here’s some fun new training ideas from the Not Just A Pretty Face team to supplement your current routine:

  • Pole Fitness: The Pole Fitness industry has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. No longer is it seen as something scandalous and is now, rightly so, utilised by people of all ages and abilities to boost their fitness. The skill and strength of this sport has even seen it possibly becoming a possible Olympic sport! So, with that said let’s go over some of the benefits of Pole:

- To the surprise of many you need no dance background to be able to try this sport. Many classes offer a range of expertise levels, so you are able to be a complete novice and get the teaching you need to progress.

- Quickly you will see a difference in how toned your body becomes.

- Many muscles are involved so to achieve a complete body workout only one class is needed! Arms, legs, abs etc. will all feel the burn.

- Most importantly, Pole is fun!

  • Aerial Fitness: When you walk into an aerial class, the initial sight of a silk hammock may not inspire thoughts of an intense workout, but by combining stretching, pilates, strength training and balance, trust us when we say you’ll be challenged. Using the hammock your body is suspended, and using your own bodyweight the poses lengthen and strengthen your muscles. All abilities are able to utilise this training and the rewards include a stronger core, greater flexibility and better posture.
  • Rock Climbing: Instead of compartmentalising your workouts, use Rock Climbing as your chosen training method and you will see the benefits of cardio and strength training all in one! Now as much as we’d like to be able to go out and climb real rock faces with beautiful backdrops, we know this generally isn’t practical. But with indoor rock climbing schools popping up all over, it’s easier than ever to try this unique work out. Not only is this great for your body, but it has also been proven to be a stress reliever giving you a natural ‘high’.
  • F45: Generally taken on as an eight-week challenge, F45 is a great kick starter to regaining or increasing your fitness levels. The main benefits of this training are both the building of lean muscle mass and fat loss, which are achieved by strength training and HIIT. One of the best features of this class is the fact that training is done in groups, with everyone being seen as a ‘Team Member’. This means that you have the support, both mentally and physically, of your classmates to spur you on so that you reach your fitness goals. 

As with any new activity, choosing the right clothing is vital! Making sure you’re comfortable in your workout gear will stop you having to stop any activity you try to readjust yourself. Quick drying, breathable fabrics on your gym wear are a must when working up a sweat, making you feel cool and as an added bonus will mean less smelly workout clothes!

Written by Fiona Morris.

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