Pole Fitness - A personal insight into the benefits of the hugely popular sport

Pole Fitness - A personal insight into the benefits of the hugely popular sport

Pole fitness has helped me in so many ways, both mentally and physically. I call it my happy place, somewhere I can switch off from the world and surround myself with like-minded, strong individuals.  

The stereotype of what pole dancing means to most people is exotic dancing/stripping. However, there is more to pole dancing and I believe some people’s preconceived notions of pole dancing have been very limited. To me, the concept of pole is a healthy, strong sport, something I do for myself; my body, my mental health and my strength.  

I started my journey with Northern Pole Dance. I always remember my first class walking in feeling nervous, surrounded by so many motivational, incredible people. I knew straight away this was for me, I had made new friends already and had new goals set in place, I was so inspired. I never fully understood how empowering a sport could be; everyone supporting each other’s growth, helping one another, building strong friendships. These acts of kindness, friendships and passion for pole instantly uplifts my mood, taking me to my happy place – a place where nothing else matters in the world but the ability to become a better version of you.  

Pole Dance Fitness - Not Just A Pretty Face

Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t easy, it works the whole body; improving muscle tone, flexibility, posture, coordination and strength. The simple act of climbing a pole is an incredible display of strength. It’s an exciting, addictive sport that makes you strive to want to achieve more. You can perform a combination of dance, gymnastic, aerial and acrobatic moves on a pole including; spins, poses, floor work, dance and transitional moves and inversions. It is very intense resistance training gaining you incredible strength, learning you how to hold and control your body weight in the air – that amazes me!  

Pole fitness is very stimulating, you challenge yourself each and every time you get on the pole to become better and stronger than the last time. The feeling you get from mastering a move or expressing a particular emotion is indescribable. It’s so fun and addictive, whilst working on perfecting these moves, poses, dances and routines, you’re continuously improving yourself, gaining strength and confidence without even realising.  

Pole Dance Fitness - Not Just A Pretty Face

The physical benefits are extreme, making me feel body confident. It has changed my body in so many ways, gaining muscle in places I never knew were possible. Watching your body change and improve continuously makes you want more, you become addicted, falling in love with the sport.  

Did you know that one of the founders of Not Just A Pretty Face is an ex Pole Fitness enthusiast herself? Lulu trained at Northern Pole Dance regularly and even performed at the NPD showcase in 2019. She was actually dancing at Northern Pole Dance when she came up with the idea behind Not Just A Pretty Face. A women's leisure, activewear, workout and gym clothing company made for real women. Our first ever slogan was even "Designed By Dancers" - WOW. 

So are you feeling inspired and want to get involved? Get some Not Just A Pretty Face super comfy shorts, paired with either a crop top or sports bra for that extra motivation that new gym wear can provide.  If you're in the North East then book onto a class at Northern Pole Dance. Otherwise, head to google and find your nearest local Pole Fitness studio now and get involved - You won't regret it!

Written by Tyla Gray

Tyla Gray Not Just A Pretty Face in Lilac Gym leggings and sports bra co ord set

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