Stretch It Out: A Stretching Guide for Runners

Stretching Guide for Runners

Bank holiday is a perfect time to take some time out and look after yourself. Often whilst we get caught up in our busy work schedules, and try to cram in gym sessions, we forget to stretch! Stretching is super important for reducing our risk of injury, improving our joint range of motion and improving our athletic performance. Check out our blog on stretching for runners!

Stretching is key for our bodies when we're working out or trying get fitter. It helps to keep our muscles flexible, healthy but also strong! In order to keep a range of motion in our joints, we need the flexibility that we get from stretching. Our muscles become at risk of shortening and becoming tight without stretching. This can then further damage our muscles when we physically exert them, as they are weaker and are unable to extend all the way, which can put us at risk of straining or damaging muscles. 


It is believed that there are three elements to consider when looking at the effectiveness of a particular stretch.

  1. Isolation - you're better off trying to stretch fewer muscles, or isolating the muscle you are stretch! 
  2. Leverage - having good leverage of your muscle whilst stretching it, means you have more control of the intensity of the stretch!
  3. Risk - we must take the risk of potential injury into account whilst stretching to avoid stress on our tendons or ligaments. 


Our favourite stretches for after a run are:

  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Hamstring Stretch
  • Calf Stretch
  • Lower Back Stretch
  • Thigh Stretch¬†

 Make sure you enjoy your Bank Holiday and look after yourself, try out our favourite stretches and you'll thank us for it later! Remember to breathe throughout your stretches, and don't push yourself beyond discomfort! 

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