Top Tips For Staying Motivated

Top Tips For Staying Motivated

Seeing as August is National Wellness month, we've put together our top tips to staying motivated for those who may be struggling to maintain a good fitness routine. Some of us find it difficult to stay focused and struggle to stay motivated, check out our blog on how to be your best and most importantly to stick at it!


  • Don't tear yourself down!

Sometimes we find ourselves beating ourself up when we may go off track a bit. We think it's so important to not tear yourself down if we have a week off training, or a takeaway at the weekend! It's important to live in the present and not dwell on the past, so we must focus on today and the future. We're all human, and so what if we're not on track all the time!

  • Take it easy

We think it's important to do what you think feels good and right for you! It's important to not beat yourself up if you miss training sessions, or you won't enjoy training anymore, and will lose motivation. 

  • Finding a routine that suits you

For some, working out and training can be hard to fit into their schedules, especially around work shifts. Working long hours makes it difficult to prioritise free time to training and working out, so we advise trying to go before or after work, or perhaps at your lunch time if you have the time!

  • Go with a friend!

Sometimes we need someone else with us to give us the push we need to stay motivated! Booking classes with your friends or a gym buddy, incentivises us to go to training so we don't let out friends down. It may also add an element of friendly competition too...


Whether you're completely unmotivated at the moment, or you feel like you're lacking motivation, check out our top tips and take them into consideration to try and get yourself back on track!

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