Training & Motivational tips - Fulfilling your potential

Training & Motivational tips - Fulfilling your potential

From being out of breath running for the bus to facing any fitness challenge: Tips from the Not Just A Pretty Face team to fulfilling your potential:

We’ve all been there; you convince yourself that skipping training for a few months has done no damage at all, either mentally or physically. But then you notice you’re feeling tired and drained consistently, and moving at a slightly quicker pace up the stairs has left you keeled over out of breath. Well, the lack of endorphins and reduced muscle stimulation can really take a toll on your body, and when you neglect this form of self-care it can make the thought of reclaiming your fitness feel very daunting.

This fear of the unknown can put you off tackling new goals like running further than you ever have, adding an extra weight to your squat rack and even mean you will stop yourself trying a new activity like Pole or CrossFit.

Here at Not Just A Pretty Face we’ve compiled just a few tips to assist you on reaching any fitness goal, from going to the gym one extra time a week to running that marathon you’ve always wanted to!

  • Start Small:

Yes, when that instant rush of endorphins hits you may feel invincible and rush into training with the same intensity you used to, but know your limits! Don’t go HAM in the first session to the point of hurting yourself in the long run. Not only can an injury be caused by overdoing it in the beginning, it can also lead to a general dislike of training in the future when you find yourself attempting to get to work the next day in agony. Just set small targets that are achievable and feel proud of yourself when you smash them!

  • Join a Community:

Being human it’s only natural that you need a bit of support to keep you motivated and on track. Don’t get yourself down if you don’t reach a target you set for yourself, instead enlist the help of someone, be it a trainer, a fellow attendee of a class or your best pal. That boost of confidence and determination you get when you have the support of someone is vital when you’re working your way back to fitness.

  • Get the Right Gear:

Wearing the right workout clothing to the gym not only allows you to reach your maximum potential but it should also give you that little confidence boost when you look in the mirror to say…I can do this! Generally, when you feel great in your gym-wear you tend to have a great workout. That’s why here at Not Just a Pretty Face we want you to feel strong and sexy in our products. Being designed by dancers means our gym leggings are designed with YOU in mind, with features like quick dry, high waists, seamless design being just some things that will make you achieve any goal you set. P.S. you’ll look damn good reaching those fitness goals too.

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