Turkey & Halloumi Bulgur Wheat Salad - Not Just A Pretty Face Nutrition

Turkey & Halloumi Bulgur Wheat Salad - Not Just A Pretty Face Nutrition

Today nutrition coach and Not Just A Pretty Face ambassador Elly Cowley is sharing her recipe for a delicious Turkey & Halloumi Bulgur Wheat Salad, which tastes great pre-made for barbecues, meal prep or packed lunches. It's got a balanced macronutrient profile, with a good dose of protein, carbohydrates and fats. The addition of pomegranate seeds, salad vegetables and seasonings make sure it's packed full of micronutrients and flavour too.

A few of you may be thinking - isn't halloumi unhealthy? It is true that in large doses halloumi packs a punch of saturated fat and salt (which is why it tastes so good). Here moderation is key - adding smaller quantities of tasty but calorie dense ingredients to big salads and pasta dishes can be a great way of enjoying them as part of a healthy meal. Our favourites include:

- chorizo
- feta
- nuts (especially toasted pine nuts)
- bacon
- croutons
- creamy salad dressings

We hope you enjoy this recipe, which makes 5 portions at under 600 calories. Feel free to divide up however you like though!

Written by Elly Cowley,
Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and CF-L1 Trainer
Reebok CrossFit Tyneside

Elly Cowley PT Nutrition Coach


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