Twerking - The dance fitness craze that's swept the world

Twerking in Not Just A Pretty Face Black fishnet gym leggings and blue long sleeve gym crop top
Twerk and fitness together is taking over the globe in the perfect merge. Although it is hugely hyper sexualised by Western media, "Twerk" is a dance belonging to many African cultures with different names and different meanings depending on the culture, so tracing its origins and development has been hard. In some cultures, Twerk is a ceremonial dance of healing, boosting spiritual connections, fertility and celebrating life, performed by women as well as men in some cases. The dance moved from different cultures through slave trades and migrations in Africa thousands of years ago; the term "Twerk" came from the Hip-Hop Bounce movement starting in New Orleans in the 90s. Now there are so many styles varying and mostly seen in Afro Fusion, Dancehall, Strip Club and Exotic dance culture.
Twerk on pole in Not Just A Pretty Face Gym Leggings and sports bra
The movement comes from a combination of the pelvic floor working with legs muscles going on back and forth, contracting, releasing and squatting in synchronisation in order to isolate the Booty to make it flick, bounce and bubble looking as effortless as possible; it's not as easy as it looks. If it doesn't burn... You're probably doing it wrong. The girls at Not Just A Pretty Face know first hand how hard but how rewarding twerk fitness is and feel empowered when working out!
Being deeply rooted in African culture, there are beautiful community elements that come with being in a space with others that share similarities from the energy harnessed together under the freedom of movement. Women find themselves coming to classes not only to feel sexy; grow, be empowered, connect, share experiences and encourage positive mental health while having a great time. Lots of girls have fallen in love with our Not Just A Pretty Face high waisted, seamless gym leggings and found that they flatter your curves while making you feel and look sexy when enjoying twerk fitness. Especially our top selling 3D Fishnet Ribbed Gym Leggings as seen rocked by Azula Bandit. 
Today you can join Twerk fitness classes all over the world. Twerk fitness is amazing for HIT!  Working your cardio burning up to 1000 calories in an hour; and because you're working in a constant squat your quads are being pumped constantly!! 
Handstand in Not Just A Pretty Face Striped Black Gym Leggings and White Sports Bra
Get to an online Twerkout class today via @socatome with our very own Not Just A Pretty Face BABE @azulabandit. One hour Twerkout cardio and toning class, you will feel the burn and the tunes are always on point!!  

Written by Lerato Mncube  (Azula Bandit)
Soca-to-me teacher and founder, dancer.
Aqua blue Not Just A Pretty Face Aqua blue long sleeve crop top and high waisted gym leggings 2 piece co ord set

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