Gym Leggings - What to look for in your workout clothes.

High Waist Seamless Striped Gym Leggings - Positively Pink

So, all the preparations for your killer training session are done. You’re dressed and have remembered to grab everything; water, headphones, towel, and you’re headed to work-out and release those all-important endorphins.

There’s only one problem, within the first five minutes the discomfort experienced from the gym leggings you chose to wear cause you to be distracted, and the constant readjusting ruins your cherished workout time. Seem familiar?

This problem may cause you alarm due to the commonplace thinking that the most effective, comfortable workout gym leggings have to be dull, dreary and not something you’d be proud to wear outside training. Don’t panic! Here at Not Just a Pretty Face we’ve come up with a guide on what gym leggings and features are best for you.

Seamless Gym Leggings -

In simple terms these gym leggings are crafted by knitting the fabric in a circular pattern before being stitched into the right shape. So, what does that mean for you and your workouts? The ultimate flexibility from this design means the fit will work with you during your training and the luxurious feel will allow you to work-out as easily as possible. P.S. The body contouring nature of these workout leggings will make you look amazing and show off that body you work so hard for!

High Waisted Gym Leggings -

Ever been in the middle of a squat, yoga-pose or dance move and you feel your gym leggings ride down so much you have to stop what you’re doing. Well with high-waist gym leggings this problem will be a thing of the past.

Coupled with the practical benefits are the obvious style ones, with this fit giving you the perfect silhouette. With the narrowest part of your body highlighted your legs will look elongated and will give the illusion of the smoothest physique possible.

A style that can easily transition from training to casual wear -

Yes, we know the priority when exercise is involved shouldn’t necessarily be style, but getting gym leggings that do both definitely won’t hurt! Getting a pair in a bright colour or pattern will help you stand out not only at the gym but also will allow you to have the best street style. Pair them with a matching set to make a cohesive outfit, or break it up with a clashing coloured top.

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