What To Wear To Yoga: Find Your Flow In Style!

What to wear to yoga outfit inspiration sweat wicking

Having the right attire for your yoga class is super important! Check out our guide to help you choose your outfit wisely! 

There's nothing worse than going to your yoga class in the wrong gear. We've made a list of our top tips for you to take into consideration when you're choosing your next yoga outfit!

  1. Your clothing should stay in place - we don't want any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, regardless of your position!
  2. They're supportive - hold all your body parts in place!
  3. Sweat wicking and breathable - who wants to get hot and flustered?
  4. Non restrictive - yoga is all about free movement!

Whether you're trying yoga for the first time and testing the waters, or you're a keen yoga lover, check out our favourite products to stay on trend!

  • Sports Bras

A good sports bra is KEY to having a wardrobe malfunction-free class! We believe a good yoga bra should give you coverage and support, but also comfort. You don't want to be worrying about any pop outs, or distractions in your workout. 


What To Wear To Yoga: Find Your Flow In Style! Candy Collection Sports Bra


Our Candy Collection Sports Bra in Peach is a perfect sports bra for any yoga fans. From having no fastenings on the back, means you don't have anything digging in or prodding in your back when you're doing floor moves! Coming in a variety of colours, mix and match with your favourite yoga outfits!


  • Leggings

A major key point for us is for our leggings not to be see through! Who wants to be doing a downward dog with opaque leggings?! We also don't want our leggings to be falling down and moving throughout our yoga class, but instead provide us with support. 


What To Wear To Yoga: Find Your Flow In Style! 3D Fishnet Ribbed Booty Gym Leggings


Our 3D Fishnet Ribbed Booty Gym Leggings are here to provide with you a high waisted, tummy-supporting fit, which enhances the booty and leaves you stress-free of any see through mishaps! These leggings come in a variety of colours, and are perfect in, and out, of your yoga class.


  • Yoga Tops

Many yoga fans will agree with us when we say you don't want to wear a top that's going to slip over your head, or is too loose. There's also nothing worse than your top riding up, and disturbing your Om. 


What To Wear To Yoga: Find Your Flow In Style! Backless Halter Neck Gym Crop Top


Our Backless Halter Neck Gym Crop Top offers a contoured fit that doesn't budge when you stretch! The design of this combo top provides you with support, and style, yet keeps you cool and comfortable!


Keep your body and mind in shape, and find your flow in style!

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