Gym Leggings - The new leotard. For dancers of all disciplines.

Gym Leggings - The new leotard. For dancers of all disciplines.

Dance is amazing. It is an art which is open to anybody of any age, of any ability, of any ANYTHING. Not only can dancing keep your body and mind healthy, it’s a way to escape from the real world and channel your creative, expressive and confident self.

If you’ve ever danced before, you’ll know that one of the biggest dilemmas is what to wear. Whether you’re brand new to dance, or a seasoned pro who has decided to leave the leotard and tights ensemble at home, the best place to start is to find yourself a good pair of gym leggings.

Finding the right pair of gym leggings is no easy task, but we have some pointers that are important to us: 

  1. You need something that you can move in. Leggings can easily be restricting if the material isn’t right. Comfort is key!
  2. You need something that isn’t going to be see through as soon as you bend or stretch (we’ve all been there). 
  3. Why not choose something that has the two points above, but also looks amazing? Dancing is a way to boost your confidence and it can make you feel great - so why not look great too!

Whether you’re kicking to the high heavens in a sexy jazz, showing your strength in a gorgeous ballet, or shaking your booty in a fast-paced hip hop routine, you need to find the perfect pair of leggings without breaking the bank. You can do this with Not Just A Pretty Face! Our high waisted seamless gym leggings have been designed by dancers, for dancers, so you know we’ve spent time addressing all the issues we face when using gym leggings for dancing. Our leggings are made to be comfortable with their high waist bands, super stretchy material and body-contouring design. 

How you rock your leggings is completely your call. You may find that you have a pair of leggings that you love to dance in, another pair that always accompany you to the gym, and maybe even another pair that are purely for lazy Sundays. Our leggings are diverse and will look and feel great in all environments. From the weights room to pole dancing, from long runs to short… our Not Just A Pretty Face #bootybaes love to use them everywhere.

On top of all of this, you can create a perfect get-up with our matching crop tops! 

With us, you’re sure to be the talk of the dance floor. 

Written by Fiona Morris.

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